Volunteer with Kool Kids

Volunteers are asked to work at least one 3-hour shift either before, during, or after the sale. We need volunteers to help check-in items, sort toys, set up racks/shelving, work on the floor during the sale, handle payments, check out customers, and other key responsibilities.

You do NOT have to be a consignor to take advantage of the volunteer & early shopping privileges!  If you are not a consignor, we ask that you complete your work shifts prior to shopping.  If you choose to shop first and not complete your work shifts, then Kool Kids will hold your purchased items until your work shifts are complete.

Why Volunteer?

1. Your sales profit increases from 60% to 65% when you volunteer 3-hours! Volunteer for 6-hours equals 70% and 9 hrs will increase to a maximum of 75%!

2. You earn the opportunity to shop the preview sale first! The 12-hour volunteers shop first, followed by the 9hr, 6hr and 3hr volunteers. This means you shop the consignment sale before the public and before all other consignors!

3. If a registered Consignor “doesn’t show” or send a replacement during their reserved work shift Kool Kids will deduct an additional 15% of their earnings.

Our Volunteers are the FIRST to shop the pre-sale on Friday and the 50% off pre-sale on Saturday at 2:30pm!

Remember, there are a limited number of positions available. We will fill positions on a first-come first serve basis, considering everyone’s individual situation and the needs of the sale. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

View Volunteer Work Schedule

Can’t Volunteer?

Put it on the Honey Do List! You can recruit your husband or a friend to provide the service! You will receive full credit for his/her hours worked. (be sure to let you husband know your consignor number and password).

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Kool Kids Sale will credit you one volunteer shift in exchange for any of the services listed below (3 hour minimum).

  • Rack Assembly (Heavy Labor) – Help is needed to assemble clothing racks and move tables. This is a good job for your hubby!
  • Flyer Distribution – Flyers are distributed to daycare centers, preschools, children’s gyms and other locations throughout the area. If you are interested in flyer distribution, you must give Kool Kids the names, addresses and contact information of all potential site locations you intend to visit prior to distribution.  Kool Kids will then review your proposed locations for approval.  Download Sale Flyer.
If you volunteer, we are counting on you to follow through. In the event a volunteer does not fulfill their obligation, or find a comparable replacement, the volunteer will not be allowed to participate as a volunteer again or participate in any future preview sale. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high quality sale.

Trade Opportunities

Unable to Work During The Above Times? Do you have a special talent or access to other resources that can help the sale? We can trade for those too!  On more than one occasion we have been asked if we would consider trading volunteer credit for services completed outside the sale. There are many things that need to get done before and even during the sale where help would be appreciated. We are offering a limited number of opportunities where you can trade your services in exchange for a volunteer credit.

NOTE: These services will qualify for a volunteer shopping pass.

  • Advertising – Placing Ads in community, subdivision or company newsletters and bulleting boards.
  • Newspaper, TV or Radio Coverage – Do you know someone “in the industry”? If so, recruit them to help publicize the sale or offer us “friend & family” advertising rates and receive a volunteer shift in exchange.
  • Printing Services – Do you have access to a copier or printing services? If so, trade your copy and printing services for a shift.
  • Sign, Banner or Screen Printing – We will be in need of new signs, banners and t-shirt printing. Can you help? If so, you will earn a shift.

Have another idea? Can you offer something else to help make the sale successful? Contact us with your idea and let’s see what we can work out!

Contact Info@Koolkidssale.com to take advantage of any of the above trading services opportunities!

Important Disclaimers

In the event you do not fulfill your pledged obligation, or find a comparable replacement, you will not be allowed to participate as a volunteer again or participate in any future preview sale. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high quality sale.

NOTE: Consignors working toward increases in take-home percentages may use our trading services option for one three-hour work shift. All subsequent shifts must be worked at the sale location.