Tagging, Pricing, and Printing Your Items

How to Tag & Price Your Items

All of your items must have a tag with barcode for identification and price purposes. The barcoded tags are not only our indication of which items sold but also the amount of money you are owed and to help us sort unsold/donated items after the sale! Please make sure you tag clearly and according to the process described below.

Consignor Reminder – Item Entry Deadline: Wednesday Sept 27, 2017 at 11:00pm ×

Supplies Required

  • White Cardstock (60-67 LB) with BLACK print must be used to print your bar coded tags (6 cards will print to each page). You can use scissors to cut these out, a scrap booking paper cutter or go to Staples and use their large paper cutter.
  • One inch or larger Safety Pins
  • Zip ties, clear packing tape, ribbon or string for items you can’t pin.
  • Plastic zip or slide loc bags (to hold accessories/parts)
  • Gather your items in a neat pile beside your computer. To make inputting the easiest consignors want to separate clothing by gender and size. For example have 1 pile of 3T girls, 1 pile of 4T boys and 1 pile books.

This can be done in stages, it doesn’t all need to be done at once. When you are ready to print your tags make sure your computer is allowing pop-ups. The tags pop-up in a new window so you need to enable that feature.

How to obtain a Tagging Gun*

1) Go onto www.ebay.com
2) Click on Stores
3) Under find a store type in: Label Device Shop and select by name.
4) Click on Label Device Shop
5) Under the Store Categories select Price Tagging gun sets or type in the search category.
6) You are searching for: Price tagging tag gun + 3 inch x 1000 barbs and 6 needles new. The price should be $6.99, which includes free shipping.

* A tagging gun is not required. It just makes tagging clothes easier.  Please use safety pins to attach your clothing if you are not using a tagging gun.

Information Printed on Tags

A. Consignor ID – This will be a numerical # that will be assigned to you by our tagging software and will remain the same for future events.

B. Size – (Numerical Only, DO NOT USES, M, L XL for children’s items) Tags with S,M etc. are often placed in the wrong size and they don’t sell.

0-3 months
3 months
3-6 months
6 months
6-9 months
9 months
9-12 months
12 months
12-18 months
18 months
24 months
2T, 3T, 4T, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

We are no longer accepting Junior clothing.

Maternity items may show a numerical size or S, M, L or XL

C. Description –Use this space to sell your item! Is it a Name brand? New or Like New? A good description also helps Kool Kids find its match if it falls off.

D. Discount – Check the box if you want your item to be sold at 1/2 price during the half priced sale. If box IS NOT checked the item will sell for full price for the length of the sale.

E. Donate – A “Yes” will indicate that you WILL NOT be taking that item home after the sale and Kool Kids will be donating the item on your behalf. Check the box if you want to donate.

F. Price – We suggest a minimum price on all items of $1.00. Increases after that should be in $1 increments. If an item will not bring in $1 by itself bundle items together. PRICE TO SELL! (The tagging service will give you other options for pricing but Kool Kids would prefer what is stated above.)

Please bring only items that are seasonally appropriate. All items must be in good condition, clean, in style, in working condition and free of any odors (smoke, animals, etc.) When in doubt….. leave it out!

How to Price Items

Above all – PRICE TO SELL! There’s nothing more rewarding than cleaning out your children’s closets AND making money at the same time!  In general, merchandise is consigned between 25-35% of the retail price, depending on its condition.  If you really think that the item will sell then you can go up to 50%.   It’s better to clean out your closets than to get items back that you don’t want or need.  And don’t forget – if you plan to donate your unsold items, at least let them go for half-price! Please do not price anything under $1. If the value is less than that, group it with other items so it is worth at least $1. Prices should all be in one-dollar increments–no $.50. This will make it easier for checkout.

Preparing Items FAQ

1. How do I price my items?
PRICE TO SELL! Price the items 25-35% less then it would be as a new item.

2. Can I participate in the sale if my tags do not have barcodes?
No. To maximize the efficiency of the bar-coding system, all tags MUST have barcodes.

3. Do you have any helpful bar-coding tips for me?
We sure do! We recommend that you use a card stock weight of 67lb and not regular white paper. If you want to pick colored paper, please use light pastel colors, NO Sparkle or RED paper. If your feeling creative use the colored card stock to differentiate the sale items between “ND – No discount” and “Donated” items. This will allow us to be able to sort quickly through your items after the sale.

4. Do I need to Highlight my tags?
No, you no longer need to highlight items that are for donation.  All donated items will print out with a black dot eliminating the need to highlight.

5. Will I receive my tags back after the sale?
No. With our high degree of automation we don’t see the value in retaining tags. The tags stay on the item. You can go online and print an itemized Seller Report showing which items sold and if they were sold for half-price.

6. Where can I get hangers?
If you are in need of hangers for the current sale I would suggest you stop at Kohls or Old Navy, as they are free. Not sure if any other dept. stores do this, but if you find one, let us know and we will post it here! You can also purchase baby hangers at the dollar store. We collect as many hangers during the sale as possible for our consignors to take following the sale. If you are volunteering during the sale, you are welcome to take as many hangers as you like. If there are hangers left over at the end of the sale we put them in big bags for 1st come 1st serve during pick-up on Sunday.

7. What kind of hanger can I use and do you need one?

Yes, you will need to place all clothing on a hanger as we do not have any tables set up for clothing.  All clothing will be placed on our racks according to gender and size.  You may use wire or plastic hangers.  If you have any additional questions, we go over this topic in the Preparing Your Items Section.

8. Am I responsible for putting my consigned items on the floor during drop-off?
Yes, you are responsible for placing your items on the floor in the correct area. These areas will be labeled. We will have volunteers here to help direct you. Please donate plan to sign-in and drop your items off without placing them on the sales floor.

9. What do I do with my large item? Large items include changing tables, furniture, sand boxes, bikes, playsets, bouncers, swings, high chairs, train tables, etc.

Large items will be checked in separately.  We would like you to give us your printed tag for the large item, and we will attach your tag to a larger item tag.

10. Do I need batteries in my items?

Yes, please put batteries in all products that require them.


How to print your tags

In order to print out your tags, you must first log in as a consignor.  To do this, you will enter in your consignor number and your password.  Next, you will be directed to the Consignor Item Entry Page.  In this section you can print out your tags.  Choices are below:

To Print Tags:

(Print All Tags) (Print Selected Tags)
 (Print All Tags as PDF)

(Print barcoded tags to place on your items)
NOTE: Please disable your popup blocker to print tags.