Shopper FAQ

What is a children’s consignment sale?
A children’s consignment sale is a GREAT way for you to find and purchase high quality, gently used items for your kids. We inspect every item that comes through our door so you can be assured of its excellent condition. We help to Keep Down the Cost of Growing Up!

Why would I volunteer if I am not consigning?
You can volunteer without consigning and be the first to shop at the preview sale on Friday afternoon.

What types of items will be for sale?
Most items related to children will be offered for sale. Each sale will include a unique inventory of children’s merchandise. You will find children and maternity clothing, toys, books, games, DVDs, nursery items (including furniture), bikes, outdoor toys and much more!  In addition to children’s items, we also will have holiday decoration items for sale.  We inspect every item before offering it for sale. Items that do not meet our strict criteria will be returned to the owner.

Will you have brand new items for sale?
We specialize in gently used and new merchandise. We will always have items with their original tags still attached. Those items are quick to sell, so be sure to get in early if that is what you want.

When does the sale open to the public?
The sale will open its doors to the public on Saturday at 8:00 am. We host a ½ price sale (on select items) Sunday morning from 9:30 am – 2 pm.

Are children allowed at the pre sale?
Yes, children are allowed at the presale.  Keep in mind, the sale will be crowded and there is a lot of opportunity for children to lose site of a parent.

Are children allowed at the public sale?
Children will be admitted beginning Saturday morning.  However, it will be VERY crowded and aisles will be extremely narrow.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave your stroller outside while you shop.  Parents are asked to keep their children close.  Please do not allow them to play with the toys.  If your child breaks an item we will ask you to buy it (otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to our sellers).

What methods of payment will you accept?
We will accept cash, debit, and Visa/MasterCard at this sale. We do NOT except Discover or American Express. ID is required for each credit card transaction.

Who is eligible to shop the preview Sale?

  • Volunteers who work 3 to 12 hours will be the first to shop on Friday.  The longer you work, the earlier you shop.
  • Consignors get to shop immediately after our volunteers at 3pm.  Our sale is not successful without our volunteers and consignors.
  • Shoppers that purchase a presale pass can shop at 3pm.  Please e-mail us at to obtain a $15 pass to shop at 3pm with our consignors.
  • First-time moms whose oldest child is 18 months or less shop at 4pm.  You are required to have a pass to shop this presale.  Click here to register for our first time mom pass.

Am I permitted to bring a basket, bag or something to fill while I shop?
We do supply large IKEA bags at the sale and encourage you to use them. We ask that you leave diaper bags and other bags in the car. This is for the protection of our sellers. Thank you for adhering to this policy.

Are strollers permitted?
Not during the pre-sale. Strollers are not permitted inside the sale. We strongly caution against bringing a stroller of any kind. The aisles will be VERY NARROW and hard to maneuver a stroller. ALL STROLLERS MUST BE CHECKED IN AT THE DOOR.