Preparing Your Items

 How to Hang, Tag, Price & Prep Your Items

This page reviews how to prepare your items for the consignment sale. Please read through and follow the guidelines below. This will help to sell your items quickly at our consignment sale.

Consignor Reminder – Item Entry Deadline: Wednesday Sept 27, 2017 at 11:00pm ×

Hanging and Tagging Clothing

  • NO CLOTHING WILL BE ACCEPTED WITH SMOKE SMELLS OR STAINS.  Any items found on the sales floor will be placed into your bin.
  • ALL CLOTHING MUST BE ON A HANGER!  You can use any type of hanger (wire and plastic).  All clothing will be placed on our racks and we will not have any tables for clothing to be placed on.
  • You must provide your own hangers to start out.  You can find free ones at Old Navy or purchase them from Walmart or Target.  Once you consign, we will provide you with a bag of hangers when you pick up your unsold items to use in the future sales.
  • ALL CLOTHING MUST HAVE A SIZE. We will not accept “see description” under the size category.
  • Please wash all clothing and make sure they are free from stains.
  • Make your clothing items look their best by ironing, buttoning, zipping, etc. Clothing items will be MUCH more appealing to shoppers if they’re pressed. Place all clothing on hangers. Please hang the clothing as pictured and described below:
  • Position the hanger like a question mark-the hook opening on the left side if you’re looking at the front of the garment. If necessary, attach the item to the hanger with safety pins so it will not fall off and onto the floor.
  • If the item is a 2-piece outfit, attach both parts together with safety pins so they will not be separated. Please use only ONE tag on these items. Describe both parts on the tag so they can be matched if they are separated. This happens often.  You can also use separate hangers for multiple pieces, but please tape the hangers together using packing tape, NOT regular tape.
  • You can use a tagging gun OR safety pins to attach the tag to the item of clothing.  If you use thin paper, the tag will fall off of the item and your item will not be sold!  You must use white cardstock (60-67 lbs.)  If you are using safety pins please make sure that the tag is secure.
  • Attach tags to the garment’s right front, toward the top if possible (as pictured). Group the clothing according to size and gender prior to your arrival to reduce your drop-off time.


  • Tie shoes together with  zip-ties, or a ribbon OR secure them in a clear plastic bag.  If using zip ties, you can place the tag through the zip tie and then secure to the shoes.
  • NO worn shoes!  All shoes must have the laces.
  • Adult shoes will not be accepted.
  • All Shoes MUST have a numerical size. Please label your shoes accordingly in the description field:
    • Infants
    • Kids 1 – 13 (toddler shoes)
    • Youth 1 – 5
  • All shoes will be donated if not sold.  If you wish to collect unsold shoes, you will need to search our shoe pile at the end of the sale.  Shoes will NOT be placed in your return bin.

Preparing  Other Items

  • TOYS AND EQUIPMENT–Clean by wiping away dirt and stains with Lysol or other cleaner. Q-tips are great for getting dirt out of small crevices! Assemble and install working batteries when necessary so buyers can see that the item is in working order. Place small parts (i.e. little people, balls, etc.) in clear plastic bags and securely attach them to the item. Please also tape the top of the ziploc bag. Packing tape works really well and discourages “little shoppers’ from opening!
  • Any toys with missing parts MUST have a label explaining what exactly is missing.  The item should also be drastically reduced if there are missing parts/items.  If you are unsure, please do not bring items with pieces missing.  We will remove your item from the sales floor if we find missing parts without a label.
  • Large Items – – Simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. Your tag will be joined with a Large Item Claim Ticket and zip-tied to your item when you come to drop-offs. If the item includes extra parts, please make note of them in the item’s description on the tag. (please place masking tape with your consignor number & price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item, since this will help identify your item if the tag is lost).
  • UPHOLSTERED PIECES–Machine or hand wash according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  • GAMES–Video games will be taken out of their boxes and placed behind the counter with our cashiers to prevent them from being stolen.
  • VIDEOS AND BOOKS–when grouping together more than one, please put them in clear plastic bags.  DO NOT place tape on a book that will rip the book when the customer takes the tag off.  If you are unsure, place the book in a bag and tape the tag to the bag.  Also tape the top of the bag so the book does not fall out.  Rubber bands do not hold them together securely. Write the name of each video/book included in the package on the tag and use only ONE tag per item.