Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off Information

Your items should already be tagged, hung, and sorted before you arrive. Kool Kids will be screening your items carefully prior to and during the sale. We are committed to offering high-quality merchandise. Please understand if we cannot accept some of your items. When you arrive at drop-off, you will be responsible for hanging clothing on the appropriate rack according to size and gender and placing other non-clothing items in the appropriate place.

Please note that items will sell best when displayed with other like items and can be found easily by shoppers. We try very hard to create a “shopable” sale by specifying which items are in which sections. If you are in a hurry and place your items in the wrong section, it will get lost among other things and WILL NOT SELL. We do not have enough time to rearrange every item before the sale opens. Please plan to take the time to put your items in the correct section. If you cannot find the appropriate place, please ask us and we will help you find it or we will create a new section!

Schedule Your Drop-Off


Important Drop Off Reminders

    • Please bring a large, plain box/storage container with your consignment number/name/phone # when dropping off if you are not donating all of your unsold items. No lids needed for the boxes or containers.  We will place your unsold items in your box for pick-up at the conclusion of the sale.  You must check your bins upon pick up for anything missed or items placed in your bin that does not belong to you.
    • Please give your large item and its tag to us and we will place your tag on a larger tag for the sale.
    • You will need to sign in when you arrive at your scheduled drop off time.
    • We are using a BARCODE SYSTEM to link items to consignors. Each of your tagged items must contain YOUR barcode. Items tagged without barcodes will NOT be accepted. The new system allows us to process your proceed checks and tags in record time!
    • You will need to have your clothes inspected prior to placing them out on the sales floor.  No items with stains will be accepted.
    • Please check your dates for the car seats!  Any seat manufactured prior to Aug. 2012 will not be accepted.
    • Sellers are responsible for assembling all cribs and beds that they are brining to drop off.  Please bring tools to assemble.  Assembly is not required but preferred.
    • All video games will be taken out of their boxes and placed behind the counter with our cashiers to prevent them from being stolen.
    • Once your items have been inspected and your large items have obtained a claim tag “YOU” are responsible for putting out your items on the sales floor.  Signs will be posted be if are unsure where to place something, please ask us!
    • Please tell your friends about us so that you can sell as much as possible with Kool Kids!


Give badly worn or old items to charity. We will be inspecting items throughout the sale and removing unacceptable things from the sale. These items will be placed back in the consignors’ boxes with a note to inform you of the reason it cannot be sold. It would no doubt be frustrating for you (and us) to go to the trouble of preparing and tagging only to have things returned to you because they were poor quality.

Sunday Pick Up Information

Consignors pick up will take place on SUNDAY between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Your items will be sorted by number and ready for pick up when you arrive. You need to sign in and check our lost and found table prior to leaving. If you want your shoes back, please check the separate shoe pile.  A missed deadline/pick-up is the sole responsibility of the Seller. Kool Kids will not remind the Seller of any pick-up period.  We do not have the storage available to saved any consignors items that are not picked up, therefore left items will be donated.  A service charge of $10.00 will be deducted by seller proceeds if items were sorted (not donated) and not picked-up during the designated pick-up time.