Consignor FAQ

Consignor FAQ

What type of software are we using for the sale?
We are using a full barcode and Point-of-Sale (POS) system which allows items that are sold to be scanned at the point of purchase. Consignors will be able to view their sales online (inventory updated each morning) and learn their total sales by Sunday night!

Consignor Participation fee- $12
In order to help cover the rent and the implementation of the Point-of-Sale System, the participation fee is $12 per consignor.

Please “Do Not” schedule you drop off time during your volunteer time

How much will I make as a Consignor?     
If you are unable to volunteer you will receive 60% on your sold items. Volunteering a minimum of 3 hours bumps your percentage to 65%. Volunteering for 6 hours bumps your percentage to 70%. Volunteering for 9 hours bumps your percentage to 75%, See our Volunteer Questions page for more information on how you can earn more if you are unable to volunteer.

Drop-Off Procedures
We are working hard to streamline the process and make it convenient for our consignors. You must sign up for a drop-off time.

Appointments Required for Drop-Off
Consignors are required to schedule an appointment for dropoff. Schedule early to avoid inconvenience. Click here to view available times and schedule your appointment.

Clothing Limit

100 piece clothing limit from sizes between infant to 4T. No limit for sizes larger than size 5. If you have a set, which is a top and bottom, that could count as one piece.

Reminder for consignors/volunteers
  • Unable to work the sale – 60%
  • Work 3 hrs – 65%
  • Work 6 hrs – 70%
  • Work 9 hrs – 75%
  • Work 12 hrs – First to Shop

When you input your items you have the chance to discount (which is an automatic 50% on Sunday). You should discount your items if you plan to donate them. This way you may get at least ½ of what you wanted instead of nothing.

You can purchase a tagging gun through e-bay. Be aware it takes about 3 full weeks to ship. See link How to obtain a tagging gun.