Accepted Items

Accepted Items

slider1Kool Kids Consignment Sale accepts children’s clothes and shoes, maternity, baby accessories and bedding, toys/books/DVDs, equipment such as strollers/cribs (mfg. August 2012)/walkers/etc., recently added holiday decorations accepted during our fall/winter sale and just about anything else related to kids!

Items must be in excellent condition with no signs of wear and no damage such as tears, holes, missing buttons, dysfunctional zippers, and stains. Only items applicable to the upcoming season will be accepted (for example, swimsuits and sandals, etc. should only be brought to the spring sale, and Halloween costumes only at the fall sale). Dancewear items are an exception to this policy – they are accepted at all sales.

Every item will be checked-in during drop-off and any unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. We will be screening very closely so as to maintain the quality of the sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are buying the best at Kool Kids.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the CONSIGNOR’S RESPONSIBILITY, as seller of the items, to make sure none of their items have been recalled. Sources are listed below for checking recall lists.


• Up to a GIRLS size 16 and BOYS size 16. Must be applicable for the Season (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter clothing). Sizes Small-XL only accepted if brand and style are for children (not teens!). Clothing must be clean, smoke-free, free from stains, and current styles.  Clothing will be taken off the sales floor if these guidelines are not met.

• Children’s shoes only – no adult-styled shoes please! There will be a maximum of 10 pairs of shoes per consignor. (all shoes that do not sell will be donated so please discount).

• No more than 10 maternity items.

• Shorts will only be accepted at the Spring Sales and winter sweaters will only be accepted at the Fall sales.

• Tee shirts and jeans will be accepted at both sales.

• Onesies can either be grouped together on a hanger for sale or can be placed in a bag.  Single onesies do not sell, so please group them.

• Halloween costumes accepted ONLY at the Fall sales.

• Swimwear ONLY accepted at the Spring sales.

• Dancewear and dress-up clothes (princess attire) accepted at any sale.

 Infant & Child Accessories

• FEEDING: Bottles, sippy cups, bowls/utensils, silverware, bibs, nursing pillows, breast pumps, formula (check expiration), and burp cloths.

• NURSERY NEEDS: Infant bath tubs & seats, diaper pails, potty chairs, wipe warmers, blankets, diapers (new), changing pads, slings & carriers, step stools.  No nursing bras.

• SAFETY: Baby monitors, safety gadgets for home, car & public, baby gates, bed rails, head & body wedges

• CLOTHING ACCESSORIES: Hats, hairbows, belts/ties, diaper covers, backpacks, and  child purses. Gloves, mittens and scarves are ONLY accepted at fall sales. Remember – NO underwear.

Bedding & Decor

(MUST be infant/child themed)

• Comforters, blankets, picture frames, mobiles, crib sheets, lamps, rugs, wall-hangings, and bedrails

• Sheets (bassinet, crib, twin ONLY), mattress pads, pillows & cases, sleeping bags

Toys, Books, DVDs

• Infant & child toys, play kitchens, tool benches, art desks, train tables, bikes & riding toys, playground equipment, sports equipment, computer games, electronic games, books, and CD’s

• Must be in working order with all pieces.  Please place loose pieces in a bag and tape it to the item.  Small parts are ALWAYS lost during the sale on toys.

• Include batteries

• Power cords must be included for all toys, video games and any other item that requires a cord.

• No R-rated or home-recorded DVDs. Must have cover. No DVD’s in plastic bags.  No scratches on the DVDs.  Please play your videos in advance and screen to make sure that it plays fine.


• Strollers, joggers, car seats, baby swings, jumperoos, walkers, high-chairs, booster seats, exer-saucers, bouncy seats, doorway jumpers, cribs, toddler beds, bassinets, mattresses, changing tables, other children’s furniture

• Cribs (mfg after August 2012), toddler beds, bassinets and mattresses.

• Equipment must be clean, or it will not be accepted.

• Attach any accompanying small items securely.  Placed in a bag and taped to the product works well.

• Broken and missing equipment is not acceptable!

• Bouncers and swings must have all parts and power cords.

• If you intend to sell a CRIB, PLAYPEN, PACK-N-PLAY, CAR SEAT, BABY WALKER, OR BUNK BEDS, please ensure your item meets the requirements listed on the CPSC Reference Guide (click to view).

NOTE: Sellers are responsible for assembling all cribs and beds that they bring during drop-offs. Please bring your own tools to assemble.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday items will now only be accepted during our Fall/Winter sales.  Accepted holiday decorations include: Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Fall/Thanksgiving, New Years, and Valentine’s Day decorations.

Items that we will accept include the following:

  • Ornaments and Lights in working order, nothing broken
  • Candle holders and NEW candles(Including Kwanzaa and Hanukkah)
  • Inflatables and outdoor decorations
  • Fog machines
  • Table decorations
  • Holiday Picture Frames (NO glass please and it can not have the year on it)

Holiday Items NOT accepted include the following:

  • No trees
  • Nothing from the dollar store (all dollar store items will be placed back into your bin if brought in)
  • No holiday dinnerware items (plates, bowls, glasses)
  • No New Years items will be accepted with the year written on it

All items must include batteries and all parts!


Items NOT Accepted

  • Clothing that shows signs of wear, is stained or torn, missing buttons or zippers.
  • Out of season or style. (e.g. – if the item has been worn by more than one child, it’s probably pretty worn out)
  • Underwear (unless new in package).
  • Socks (unless new in package). Infant socks are accepted in sealed bags.
  • Nursing Bras
  • Anything that has not been wiped/washed clean.
  • Happy meal toys (or other fast food meal toys) and Happy meal books (including Chick-fil-A).
  • Exersaucers that are missing toys, accessories or dirty.
  • Shoes that are worn or dirty will not be accepted. They will automatically be donated.
  • Pacifiers or bottle nipples (unless new and in package).
  • Stuff Animals.
  • Cribs – manufactured before July 2012 (Due to recent CPSC recalls).
  • VHS Tapes.
  • Cassette Tapes.
  • Anything that smells like cigarette smoke.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries.
  • Toys that are missing parts.